Areas of Change

photodune-734534-hands-of-children-sRelaxNow has multiple benefits that manifest across all environments – home, school, play, work, therapies. While the ability to easily relax is a life skill for al l- listed below are just a few of the areas RelaxNow can effect positive change.

Autism – greater control of stimulatory behaviors and verbal outburst, increased awareness of surroundings and expectations.

ADD/ADHD – helps regulate the highs and lows of energy levels and increase focus

PDD NOS– increases flexibility and awareness, reduce echolalia and rigidity

ASPERGERS– more effective peer interactions, increased social awareness

SENSORY ISSUES – opens up the mind to new experiences

PROCESSING DELAYS – allows the participant to relax and focus.

LANGUAGE DELAYS – reduces anxiety allowing for more controlled responses and increased learning.

ANXIETY – helps the child regulate their emotions to an appropriate level.