For Parents/Caregivers

Who is RelaxNow Appropriate for?

We have said it many times; you don’t need to have issues or any special needs to benefit from the RelaxNow programs. With RelaxNow for Adults we step even further into the wider world. RelaxNow for Adults uses all the same techniques, layering and audio technology that have proven so successful in our other programs and applies them to a program that can be of use to all adults.
The world has become a fast and hectic place. We are bombarded with sensory overload and various stressors constantly in our everyday lives. Without even knowing it, we can become so stressed and/or anxious that it affects the quality of our lives and even our physical health. RelaxNow for Adults can give you a tool to better cope and thrive in this stressful world.

The vast majority of us cannot throw a fastball with the accuracy and speed of a major-league pitcher. The pro player has spent years of exercise, practice and repetition to develop new neural pathways in his brain, build muscles and create muscle-memory so that throwing the perfect pitch has become a reflex.

Think of RelaxNow for Adults as a “training camp” for your mind’s ability to handle stress, anxiety, and social pressures. Use of this program can help you train new neural pathways in your mind so that dealing with the stressors and anxieties that the world presents you becomes an unconscious reflex like an athlete’s muscle- memory.

It can take years of arduous training for athletes to train and develop their physical bodies. The good news is that that the mind responds much faster. New stress management reflexes can begin to develop in just a few weeks and do nothing but become more effective as time goes on.

Unlike our RelaxNow programs for children, which are done in a single step, the program for adults is a two-step process. This is to accommodate the fact that as adults our mental pathways are more set. We have included a brief prequel exercise to give you the skillset to make the main program take effect more quickly.

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