For Educators/Therapists

Maximize Therapy and Instructional Time with RelaxNow™

Therapy tools for educatorsRelaxNow™ – a simple, downloadable, and revolutionary therapy tool − can help guide the children you are seeing to better manage their energy and emotional levels. The 12-minute RelaxNow session can be used in a therapy or school setting, and gives your client or student tools to improve their participation, and make the most of their therapy or instructional time. Your client or student doesn’t have to listen to the program during actual therapy or class time, or in the exact setting where you are working. RelaxNow can be accessed easily in a waiting area or side room using our MP3 audio file.

You will be providing the gift of relaxation to your clients or students, which is an excellent and valuable life skill. At the same time you will be maximizing your input and time with them. After an initial introductory period, simply using the phrase “Relax Now” will enable the child to better control any spikes in their energy or emotions.

RelaxNow provides benefits to both the child and the therapist/educator. You will also be able to pass this new skill onto the child’s family for use across all environments.

Professional licenses include all versions of RelaxNow and ambient tracks, and are structured for single and multiple users:

Professional Level User Level, Associated Costs, and Details
Single •One user; $375.00 initial purchase; $24.95 annual renewal
•Designed for use by a single professional clinician or educator with their clients. No resale or copies sent home.
Multi-User • Up to five users; $950.00 initial purchase; $99.95 annual renewal
•Designed for use with clients. No resale or copies sent home.
•Training included. The user pays for travel for onsite training.
Additional blocks of five users for a Multi-User license Blocks of five additional users may be added to an existing Multi-User license; $600.00 initial purchase

RelaxNow has been tested with children with ASD, ADD, ADHD, PDD NOS, sensory, and language disorders as part of a specialized study group in North Texas. In all cases, positive results were either seen immediately, or within the first few weeks. Over time, the “Relax Now” phrase has become part of the fabric of daily life for the children in the study group, and each child has demonstrated the power to take charge of his or her own behavior by using the phrase on their own.
Please don’t hesitate  contact us with any questions. We look forward working with you to help your clients and students learn how to RelaxNow.