Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) Does RelaxNow produce a hypnotic state?

A.) No. While the voice track utilizes principles found in hypnotic suggestion, the format of RelaxNow produces a relaxed state open to suggestion, but not a full hypnotic state.


Q.) What if my child has trouble relaxing during the session?

A.) Young children, particularly those with sensory disorders, can find it hard to relax. We have found that our research group’s ability to relax varied – some had the wiggles throughout the exercise, others fell asleep, and everything in between. If you use the program regularly, however, you can see improvement over time in the child’s ability to calm.


Q.) Should we do RelaxNow at the same time each day?

A.) As with all things, children respond best to consistency, but life doesn’t always go as planned. It is best to aim for the same time each day if possible, but the most important thing is to consistently perform the exercise daily for at least a week, preferably two weeks.


Q.) How quickly should we see results?

A.) Results will vary from child to child. We have observed some immediate affects in some children, and more gradual responses in others. All study group children have eventually benefited from the exercise.


Q.) What kind of changes should I expect to see?

A.) The purpose of RelaxNow is to give your child a tool to self-regulate energy levels, behaviors and his or her emotional state. Some of the changes that have been observed and reported are:

  • Greater control of stimulatory behaviors, verbal outbursts and emotional highs and lows.
  • Increased focus and participation at home and in the classroom setting.
  • More effective peer interactions and increased self-awareness.


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