About Us

How the RelaxNow Therapy was Developed

As so often happens, the greatest of ideas can start from the smallest of things;
a chance meeting or in this case a random bit of conversation at a dinner party. During the course of the evening the talk turned to the children that Sheila had been working with and she mentioned that she had started doing something she called “Relaxation Time.” She would have the kids lie down and quietly tell them to “let your feet go to sleep, your legs, etc.”

Wes, a certified hypnotherapist was intrigued and  wanted to learn more. As the conversation progressed the idea of creating a tool the child, parent or teacher could use was born. The program works by using a combination of soothing sounds (either rain or the ocean) and a soft, calming male voice that instructs the child to relax both mind and body throughout the exercise, while in this state, the brain opens itself up to suggestion. The suggestion presented during the exercise is the phrase: RelaxNow.

Sheila Slatter – RelaxNow Co-founder

After emigrating from Scotland to Texas 20 years ago with her husband and 8 year old daughter, Sheila Slatter spent the first few years working in special education. The biggest need she saw was helping children communicate, so for almost 7 years she worked as an Applied Behavior Analysis therapist. Sheila was able to help children and their families, and teach her students to communicate with the adults in their lives. However teaching them to successfully interact with their peers would require a more specific environment and teaching style.

Ten years ago Sheila started a program that focused on social skills in a natural environment.
Several of her students were working on their sensory needs and after learning more she became involved running camp program for families. Sheila now runs group and individual programs year round where kids learn while having fun. Their current location is her family log home set on 8 acres, which after consultation with her ever patient husband they decided to convert several rooms and an art studio to a school.

This has created a secure, calm and friendly environment for the children and their families. Now while sharing your home and animals might not be for everyone it has worked tremendously well for her students and their families.

“RelaxNow is the next step to providing my students with the tools that help them deal with life in the real world. It has been professionally and personally satisfying to see the positive impact the program has had on the children and their families.”


Wes Graham – RelaxNow Co-founder

There are few, if any, people in this world who could claim that they were born to the field of hypnosis, but that may be said of Wes Graham. In the 1950s, there was a lot of experimentation with hypnosis, and his mother was involved in some of those experiments. In 1958 the first major surgery in the United States that used only hypnosis as anesthesia was performed. That surgery was the caesarean birth of Wes Graham. During the surgery his mother was not only able to control her pain, she was able to control her bleeding and throughout the surgery she was wide awake and communicating with her surgeon.

Wes learned of hypnosis and hypnotic techniques, literally, at his mother’s knee.
By the time he was in high school he was quite skilled and a hit at parties doing stage hypnosis demonstrations. Of course, like many adolescents, he had a short attention span and lost interest in hypnosis and it drifted out of his life until many years later.

Wes spent years working with victims of traumatic brain injuries, developing strategies and training support staff to aid in their transition from acute care to independent living. He also trained under Gil Boyne, Executive Director, American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and received a certification in clinical hypnotherapy from the Hypnotism Training Institute of Los Angeles.