What is RelaxNow?

RelaxNow is a simple downloadable, easy-to-use, yet revolutionary therapy tool designed for use by parents, educators and therapists who work with children with spectrum disorders, sensory integration disorder, processing and language delays. It is ideal for children who struggle with controlling the highs and lows of their energy and emotional levels.

RelaxNow puts the control of behavior directly in the hands of the child. It works by using a combination of soothing sounds (either rain or the ocean) and a soft, calming male voice that instructs the child to relax both mind and body throughout the exercise, while in this state, the brain opens itself up to suggestion. The suggestion presented in during the exercise is the phrase: Relax Now. When this phrase is used outside of the RelaxNow therapy itself, the child’s mind recalls the state of relaxation and calm present during the exercise, and can instantly bring emotions in line with desired levels of behavior.

RelaxNow has multiple benefits that manifest across all environments – home, school, play, work, therapies.

While the ability to easily relax is a life skill for all – listed below are just a few of the areas RelaxNow can effect positive change.

  • AUTISM – greater control of stimulatory behaviors and verbal outburst, increased awareness of surroundings and expectations.
  • ADD/ADHD – helps regulate the highs and lows of energy levels and increase focus
  • PDD NOS– increases flexibility and awareness, reduce echolalia and rigidity
  • ASPERGERS– more effective peer interactions, increased social awareness
  • SENSORY ISSUES – opens up the mind to new experiences
  • PROCESSING DELAYS – allows the participant to relax and focus.
  • LANGUAGE DELAYS – reduces anxiety allowing for more controlled responses and increased learning.
  • ANXIETY – helps the child regulate their emotions to an appropriate level.
  • NO ISSUES AT ALL – Anyone at all can make use of these programs to help relax and focus.
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How to use it

RelaxNow works best when used daily for a period of time. To see the long term benefits of the program, it is best to use it for 15 minutes daily for a period of 1-2 weeks at a consistent time of day (if possible), When continued regularly thereafter, the exercise can give your child the relaxed experience he or she needs to recall when the words “Relax Now” are used in other contexts. It can be used individually with a child, or on a group of children simultaneously (such as at school or in a group therapy setting).
RelaxNow is not recommended for use as a bedtime sleep aide. The benefits are greater when the child comes back to regular, wakeful function immediately following the exercise. The state of calm can persist beyond the exercise itself, but generally children have renewed energy and focus following the relaxed downtime the exercise creates.

Adults should also participate in the exercise with the child. Since you can use the phrase to help your child find this state of calm, it is important for you to also experience it. In the long run, engaging in the exercise demonstrates to the child that you find it useful and important. The added benefit? RelaxNow allows you the opportunity to find your state of calm in a busy, over-stimulated life.

How do I know if it’s working?

The benefits of the exercise are truly seen within the daily routine of life. In the normal course of the day, if the child becomes too excited, agitated, angry, or anxious, either the child or an adult can say the phrase “Relax Now” to bring those emotions under control.
RelaxNow has been tested with children with high-functioning spectrum, ADD, ADHD, PDD NOS, sensory and language disorders as part of a specialized study group located in North Texas. In all cases, positive results were either seen immediately, or within the first week. Over time, the “Relax Now” phrase has become part of the fabric of daily life for the children in the study group, and each child has demonstrated the power to take charge of his or her own behavior by using the phrase for themselves.